Erwin Schmider
Wholesale In Forest Products
We about ourselves ...
  • Our enteprise the Company Erwin Schmider, is situated in Wolfach, an acknowledged climatic health resort in the heart of the Black Forest. We have specialized on selling and delivering cut green, decorational articles, general florist requirements and other forest products.
  • In addition to our diverse range of native forest products, we also sell a lot of other items from neighbouring european countries e.g. from France and Denmark.
  • Besides directly selling articles at our stocks and the service of individual ordering of products, we are also able to deliver our products freshly and in time due to linked logistics.
  • We are especially proud of the fact that we are one of last enterprises in Germany to still sell tanning bark. Our manually processed tanning bark is the basis for exclusive and high-quality leather goods and is as well utilized in the pharmaceutical industry.
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