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Coniferous Cut Green
Floristic Articles
Needle Cut Green
Sprouting Twigs
Tanning Bark
Coniferous Cut Green
Article Details Description 1 Description 2 Season
AureaBunchware, long Autumn
AureaCut Greens, short(in Sack)Autumn
BoulevardCut Greens(in Sack)Autumn
ConiferHandbunchesCut Greens MixAutumn
ConiferMix(mixed Conifers)Autumn
Cypressgreen(with big Spheres)All-Year
Cypressgreen(fine Branchings)Autumn
Cypressgreen(with big Spheres)Autumn
MayerieBunchware, long Autumn
MayerieCut Greens(in Sack)Autumn
SquarrosaBunchware, long Autumn
SquarrosaCut Greens(in Sack)Autumn
Thujagreen All-Year
Thujagreen Autumn
Thujayellow(1. Quality)Autumn
Thujayellow(2. Quality)Autumn
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Article Details Description 1 Description 2 Season
Birchcolored(in 8 Colours)Spring
Birch Branchescolored(in 8 Colours)Autumn
Cone SprigsSpruce Autumn
Cork Barkthick, tubular shape(for Decoration)All-Year
Cork Barkthick(for Decoration)Autumn
Corkscrew Hazel (Corylus)All-Year
Corkscrew Hazelwidth 'sausages'(Corylus)Autumn
Corkscrew Willowbrown All-Year
Corkscrew Willowgreen All-Year
Corkscrew WillowredPolesAll-Year
Corkscrew WillowrednormalAll-Year
Corkscrew Willowredshort, youngAll-Year
Corkscrew Willowyellow All-Year
Corkscrew Willow  Autumn
Crowns of Mistletoe (Palette)Autumn
Crowns of Mistletoe (Single Crowns)Autumn
Decoration Pumpkins  Autumn
Liana Tendrillong All-Year
MistletoeHandbunches Autumn
Pine Cones  Autumn
Spruce Bark (for Decoration)Autumn
Vine Roots1 - 4 Branchings All-Year
Vine Rootsraw(not sand-blasted)All-Year
Vine Roots1 - 4 Branchings Autumn
Vine Roots1 - 4 BranchingsRaw (1/2 Price)Autumn
Willowgreen, grown straightlong StalksAll-Year
Willowgreen, grown straightmedium sized StalksAll-Year
Willowgreen, grown straightshort StalksAll-Year
Willowred, grown straightlong StalksAll-Year
Willowred, grown straightmedium sized StalksAll-Year
Willowred, grown straightshort StalksAll-Year
Willowyellow, grown straightlong StalksAll-Year
Willowyellow, grown straightmedium sized StalksAll-Year
Willowyellow, grown straightshort StalksAll-Year
Willowyellow, grown straightlong StalksAutumn
Willowyellow, grown straightmedium sized StalksAutumn
Willowyellow, grown straightshort StalksAutumn
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Floristic Articles
Article Details Description 1 Description 2 Season
Alder Twigs (with Fruits)Spring
Band Willowsorted Autumn
Band WillowMix Spring
Band Willowsorted Spring
Bark Ribbons25 Pieces x 0,5m(for Florists)All-Year
Bark Ribbons25 Pieces x 1m(for Florists)All-Year
Bark Ribbons (for Florists)Autumn
Bilberry Shrubs (2 - 3kg)All-Year
Bilberry Shrubs (4 - 5kg)All-Year
Bilberry Shrubs (big Handb.)All-Year
Bilberry Shrubs (small Handb.)All-Year
Bilberry Shrubsgold-plated All-Year
Bilberry Shrubs (2,5kg)Autumn
Bilberry Shrubs (5kg)Autumn
Bilberry Shrubs (big Handb.)Autumn
Bilberry Shrubs (small Handb.)Autumn
Birch Barkfine(for Decoration)Autumn
Box Tree (Buxus)All-Year
Box TreeHandbunches(Buxus)All-Year
Box Treered, natural(Buxus)All-Year
Box Tree (Buxus)Autumn
Box Treered, natural(Buxus)Autumn
Broomgreen, naturallongAll-Year
Broomgreen, naturalshortAll-Year
Broomgreen, natural Autumn
Cherry Bay  All-Year
Cherry Bay  Autumn
Chryptomeria  Autumn
ChryptomeriaElegance Autumn
Douglas Bark (for Decoration)Autumn
Eucalyptus  Autumn
Euphorbia (in Carton)All-Year
Euphorbia (in Sack)All-Year
Euphorbia  Autumn
Forsythia  Spring
IlexHandbunches Autumn
Ilexwith red Berrys Autumn
Ilexwith red Berrys(cut short)Autumn
Ilexwith red BerryslongAutumn
Ilexwith red BerryslongAutumn
Ilexwith yellow leaf-edge(cut short)Autumn
IvyHandbunches All-Year
Ivywith Berrys All-Year
Ivy  Autumn
Lavenderdried All-Year
LavenderHandbunches Autumn
Mahonia  All-Year
Mahonia  Autumn
Moor Birch10 Handb. x 5 Stalks All-Year
Moor Birch4 Handb. x 25 Stalks All-Year
Moor Birch50 Stalks All-Year
Moor Birchfresh Autumn
Oak Foliage (Stone Oak)All-Year
Oak Foliageyoung Stalks(Stone Oak)All-Year
Oak Foliage (Red Oak)Autumn
Olives  Autumn
Pistachio (3 Handb. x 1kg)All-Year
Pistachio (5 Handb. x 10 Stalks)All-Year
Pistachio (3 Handb. x 1kg)Autumn
Pistachio (5 Handb. x 10 Stalks)Autumn
Rosemary (3 - 4kg)Autumn
Rosemary (3kg)Spring
Rosemary 5 Handb. x 10 StalksSpring
Sage  Spring
Shell Cypress  Autumn
Shell CypressWire(Japanese)Autumn
Shell CypressWisselii(Japanese)Autumn
Stone Oak  All-Year
Strawberry TreeLeaveslongAll-Year
Strawberry TreeLeavesshortAll-Year
Strawberry Tree  Autumn
ThujopsisCypress Autumn
Thymedry All-Year
Thymedry Autumn
Thymegreen Autumn
Tillandsi (Spanish Moss)All-Year
Torado  Autumn
Viburnum (10 Handb.)All-Year
Viburnum (3 Bunch x 1kg)All-Year
Viburnum (5 Handb. x 5 Stalks)All-Year
Viburnum (5 Handb. x 5 Stalks)Autumn
Vine Leaves  All-Year
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Article Details Description 1 Description 2 Season
Patch MossFlat Box All-Year
Patch MossLemon Box All-Year
Patch MossPolystyrene Box(from Denmark)All-Year
Patch Mossdried in Carton All-Year
Patch Mossmedium-sized Box All-Year
Patch MossFlat Box Autumn
Patch MossLemon Box Autumn
Patch Mossdried(in Carton)Autumn
Patch Mossmedium-sized Box Autumn
Plate MossFlat Box All-Year
Plate MossLemon Box All-Year
Plate MossFlat Box Autumn
Plate MossLemon Box Autumn
Sphagnum MossLemon Box(Water Moss)All-Year
Sphagnum MossLemon Box(Water Moss)Autumn
Tufted MossLemon Box All-Year
Tufted MossFlat Box Autumn
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Needle Cut Green
Article Details Description 1 Description 2 Season
Blue FirKosterie Autumn
Blue FirKosterie Autumn
Douglas Fir  All-Year
Douglas Fir  Autumn
Grandis  Autumn
MammothCut Greens, short Autumn
Mountain Pine  All-Year
Mountain Pinelong Autumn
Mountain Pineshort Autumn
Nobilis2 blueDecorational TwigsAutumn
Nobilis3a blue (III)Decorational TwigsAutumn
Nobilis3b blue (III+IV)Decorational TwigsAutumn
Nobilis4a blueSide CutAutumn
Nobilis4b blue-greenSide CutAutumn
Nobilis4c greenSide CutAutumn
Nobilis5a blue-greenYoung CutAutumn
Nobilis5b greenYoung CutAutumn
Nobilis6a blue-greenMixAutumn
Nobilis6b greenMixAutumn
NobilisHandbunches Autumn
Nordman Firlong(from Germany)All-Year
Nordman Firmedium-thick(from France)All-Year
Nordman Firround(from France)All-Year
Nordman Firshort(from France)All-Year
Nordman Firshort(from Germany)All-Year
Nordman FirDecorational Tree Autumn
Nordman FirHandbunches500gAutumn
Nordman FirHandbunches700gAutumn
Nordman Firlong(German, Day's Prod.)Autumn
Nordman Firlong, Mix(from Denmark)Autumn
Nordman Firlong, Prima(from Denmark)Autumn
Nordman Firmedium-thick(from France)Autumn
Nordman Firround(from France)Autumn
Nordman Firshort(German, Day's Prod.)Autumn
Nordman Firshort(from France)Autumn
Nordman Firshort, Mix, young(from Denmark)Autumn
Nordman Firshort, Prima(from Denmark)Autumn
Silver Fir  All-Year
Silver Firmedium-thick, flat All-Year
Silver Firround All-Year
Silver Firflat(Branch. Fir-Tree)Autumn
Silver Firflat(German, Day's Prod.)Autumn
Silver Firmedium(German, Day's Prod.)Autumn
Silver Firmedium-thick, flat Autumn
Silver Firround Autumn
Silver Firround(German, Day's Prod.)Autumn
Silver Firround(from France)Autumn
SpruceCut Green Autumn
TaxusColumn TaxusgreenAll-Year
TaxusColumn TaxusyellowAll-Year
TaxusColumn TaxusgreenAutumn
TaxusColumn TaxusyellowAutumn
WeymouthHandbunches, short300 - 400gAutumn
Weymouth Pinelong(Silk Pine)Autumn
Weymouth Pineshort, young(Silk Pine)Autumn
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Sprouting Twigs
Article Details Description 1 Description 2 Season
Apricot  Spring
BirchHandbunchesgrown straight, bigSpring
BirchHandbunchesgrown straight, smallSpring
BirchHandbunchessoft, bigSpring
BirchHandbunchessoft, smallSpring
Birchlonggrown straight, bigSpring
Birchlongsoft, bigSpring
Chenomelislong(Decorational Quince)Spring
Chenomelisshort(Decorational Quince)Spring
Cherry Twigs  Autumn
Cherry Twigsnot pre-sprouted Spring
Cherry Twigspre-sprouted Spring
Chestnut Twigs (big buds)Spring
Cornusred, grown straightmediumSpring
Cornusred, grown straightshortSpring
Cornusyellow, grown straightmediumSpring
Forsythia  Autumn
Peach  Spring
Sour CherryHandbunches Spring
Sour Cherrynot pre-sprouted Spring
Sour Cherrypre-sprouted Spring
Sweet Cherry  Spring
Willow CatkinHandbunchesdefoliated and peeledAutumn
Willow CatkinHandbunchesdefoliated and peeledAutumn
Willow Catkindefoliated Autumn
Willow Catkin  Spring
Willow CatkingreenlongSpring
Willow CatkingreenshortSpring
Willow Catkinred Spring
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Tanning Bark
Article Details Description 1 Description 2 Season
Oak Bark  Autumn
Spruce Bark  Autumn
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Article Details Description 1 Description 2 Season
Nordman Fir TreeDanishQuality: MixAutumn
Nordman Fir TreeDanishQuality: PrimaAutumn
Spruce Tree  Autumn
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Article Details Description 1 Description 2 Season
Advent WreathsBuxusPlate WreathsAutumn
Advent WreathsNobilisPlate WreathsAutumn
Advent WreathsNobilisround windedAutumn
Advent WreathsNobilis-Conifer MixPlate WreathsAutumn
Advent Wreathsexclusively hand-tiedPlate WreathsAutumn
AdventskršnzeNobilisround windedAutumn
Birch Wreathcut twigsDoor WreathsSpring
Birch Wreathlooped twigs Door WreathsSpring
Birch-Moss Wreathlooped twigs + MossDoor WreathsSpring
Birch-Wood Wreath Door WreathsSpring
Door WreathsBuxus All-Year
Door WreathsBuxus(simply tied)All-Year
Door WreathsIvy All-Year
Door WreathsIvy(exclusively hand-tied)All-Year
Door WreathsIvy-Buxus(exclusively hand-tied)All-Year
Door WreathsMix: Ivy-Buxus All-Year
Door WreathsMix: Ivy-Hay All-Year
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