Erwin Schmider
Wholesale In Forest Products

If we have awaken Your interest or if You simply want to get further and more detailed information, we would be pleased to be at Your disposal.

At Your wish we can send You a list of current offers by fax weekly to inform You about special and fresh products which lately have arrived at our stocks. (Of course You can always and at any time cancel or re-activate this service!) In addition it is also possible to easily do orders or reservations by fax.

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Erwin Schmider
Erwin Schmider Str. 22
77709 Wolfach
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Cellular Phone: 0171 771 2297
Phone: +49 07834 869683
Fax: +49 07834 869685
Phone: +49 07834 869686
Fax: +49 07834 869688
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Imprint (German)
Erwin Schmider TannengrŘn GmbH & Co. KG
Erwin Schmider Str. 22
77709 Wolfach / Black Forest
Phone: +49 07834 869686
Fax: +49 07834 869688
E-Mail: erwin_schmider
Register Court:District Court Freiburg
Register Number:HRB 710492 / HRA 703468
Turnovertax.-IdNo.:DE 290 974 238
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