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Our location:  WOLFACH / HALBMEIL

Our enterprise is situated in Wolfach, an acknowledged climatic health resort in the heart of the Black Forest (in the south-west of Germany). The region is famous for its sights e.g. the Waterfalls of Triberg (described by E. Hemingway), the biggest cuckoo clock of the world, glassworks and a number of museums of local history and craft, which attracts thousands of visitors every year.

The south of Germany

Besides the tourist appeal and the idyllic landscape customers may also find the low prices of the direct sale at our stock very interesting.

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Approach description
The direct sale takes place in Halbmeil, a small town outside of Wolfach. There are basically two alternative routes for approach:
• Via the motorway A5 (Offenburg)
• Via the motorway A81 (Rottweil)

  1. Approach via the motorway A5, between Basel and Karlsruhe
    • Motorway A5 between Basel and Karlsruhe, exit Offenburg
    • B33 straight ahead to Villingen-Schwenningen
    • In Hausach, first exit after the tunnel turn right: B294 to Wolfach
    • In Wolfach, after the tunnel straight ahead to Schiltach
    • After about 3km turn right to Halbmeil
    • Straight ahead, 800m
Approach via Offenburg (motorway A5)

  1. Approach via the motorway A81, between Singen and Stuttgart
    • Motorway A5 between Singen and Stuttgart, exit Rottweil
    • First junction turn left: B462 to Schramberg
    • In Schramberg, at the second (big) junction turn right:
      B462 To Offenburg/Schiltach
    • Just before Schiltach, straight ahead through the tunnel:
      B294 To Wolfach (The B462 turns into the B294 seamlessly)
    • After about 5km turn left to Halbmeil
    • Straight ahead, 400m
Approach via Rottweil (motorway A81)

The stock / point of direct sale can easily be recognised by the raised loading platform and our characteristically blue-coloured trucks and trailers.
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Route-planning online offers a great selection of free (german) online route planners. There You can immediately calculate and simulate the easiest and fastest route for your individual approach.

Just enter "Halbmeil" or "Wolfach" respectively "77709" as postal code in the destination field.

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Especially at Christmas and Easter time You can find a very big selection of products at our stock. Nevertheless it's always a good idea to contact us before You start Your journey, because for the sake of the quality and freshness of our products we can not generally guarantee the availabilty of each and every of them.

But You still have the possibility to request, order or reserve products by fax. The next page therefore describes how to contact us.

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